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Anatomy & kinesiology

The hallmark of this workshop is taking a complex subject and delivering it to students and teachers in a way that they can both understand and apply the information to the practice of asana. Shelly will guided you through key anatomical principles and concepts that help you see beyond the parts and pieces of anatomy. Come explore the integration of anatomy and movement.
• Overview of skeletal system
• Structural integration
• Bio - mechanics
• Subtle energetics
• Fundamental alignment
• Functional anatomy

Format Options: 10/12hours workshop, 20/40 hours training modules


find yourself through form - master class

Master Teacher Shelly Kwiatkouski provides expert guidance in yogic discipline, through her kinetic insight shelly teaches students how to access poses by breaking them down from simple to complex making what seems impossible possible. Students and teachers regard Shelly Kwiatkouski master classes as one of the most effective means of yoga and personal development while finding themselves through form.
• Alignment, actions, transitioning and flowing
• Core, arm balances and inversions
• Details of backbends and twist
• Working with injuries
• Forward bends and hip openers

Format options: 2/4 hours workshop


The business of yoga - self promotion

Throughout this journey of self-discovery you will be transformed and inspired to follow your own path toward becoming an exceptional and unique yoga teacher. Shelly will teach you how to effectively market your self as a yoga teacher/studio owner. Creating a sustainable income for your self while building bridges between studio owners and yoga teachers.
• The business of yoga teaching / owning
• Learn how to write your biography
• Discover your unique gifts
• Build a social media presence
• Create offline classes / Online classes

Format options: 2/4hours, 10/12hours training modules


sequencing & cueing

This program is constructed in a way to bring out the best in each individual. No two people are the same and this program taps into that uniqueness we all have and brings it to the surface to be shared with others.
• Philosophy and principle to sequencing
• Deepening the integration of asana
• Cultivating sustainable transitions through flow
• Moving from simple to complex
• How to effectively articulate cues

Format options: 2/4hours, 10/12hours training modules


Hands-On Adjustments

This workshop is designed to cultivate your ability to develop a deep source of knowledge and understanding of the human body and mind and the ability to guide others on their own journey of self-discovery. Shelly will guide you through a combination of lectures and exercises where you will have the opportunity to learn by being immersed in a curriculm that encourages awareness and exploration. 
• Kinetic Instruction
• The language of the body
• Deep asana practice
• The purpose of props
• Quality of touch

Format Options:  2/12–hours workshop, 25/40 hours training modules


Mastering the mind through meditation

This spiritual journey offers several approaches to guiding meditation in ways that make the practice more accessible and joyful to all who are open to it. We will review several techniques, including pranayama practice, mantra, chanting, visualisation, and traditional methods informed by the insights of Shelly Kwiatkouski  and her unique relationship with spirit. Such experiences can have a trans formative effect and can lead to a new understanding of life. 
• Finding balance with pranayama
• Exploring the purpose of mantra
• Philosophy insight
• Chakra training
•Chanting exercises

Format Options:  2/12–hours workshop, 25/40 hours training modules


the art of healing - the 5 sheaths

The process of self-healing is an integral part of our spiritual existence. Energy healing techniques are as varied as the energy healers who do them. You can heal with your hands, your eyes, your voice, your energy field, your full body, your intention. Shelly will guide you through a combination of lectures and exercises where you will have the opportunity to practice a series of healing modalities as well as give and receive in a safe space.

• The healing experience
• Aura and chakra patterns
• High auditory perception
• Communication with spirit guides
• Healing with color and sound
• Applying a pendulum

Format Options:  2/12–hours workshop, 25/40 hours training modules


embracing our divine potential - shadow work

Jung mentions throughout his life's work that dealing with our shadow is a daily quest.  As we awaken to this aspect of self, we are asked to recognise the 'compartments' of self that have been muted because we haven't had the tools to accept these parts of self. As you shift your awareness from the light to the dark, you begin to awaken to the duality of living.  It is through the path of awakening that you realise the light needs the dark to fully appreciate the shadows of being alive.

• Sacred contracts
• The hero's journey
• Four principal energy companions
• Identifying your archetypal patterns
• Embracing your shadow

Format Options:  2/12–hours workshop, 25/40 hours training modules


A Life worth living - The 8 limb path

Once we make the decision to pursue a spiritual practice we begin to questions our choices. Join Shelly as we explore how we apply the ethical disciplines of yoga in todays society. 
• The 5 moral restraints
• The 5 observances
• 5 Afflictions
• The 4 aims of life
• The 2 aspects of spiritual practice

Format Options:  2/12–hours workshop, 25/40 hours training modules