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Shelly Kwiatkouski ERYT 500, YACEP offers (teacher/teacher's) training classes, it is much more than just preparing someone to become better at yoga poses or enabling them to teach.  She digs deeply into the theory, tradition, and practice of yoga moving her students towards a more realised self. Shelly loves to watch her students grow from the inside out. She explores each student’s mind and habits to assist them in exploring the root of their own true nature.  Shelly’s intention is to open a path that leads her students back to truth and to a place of peace in the mind. With her gift of intuition, Shelly’s teaching style is profound and transformational.  

She believes that each person is a flame burning brightly and that each individual is capable of living a life of contentment. Shelly and her teachings honor the uniqueness of each individual flame and she reminds us that there is nothing in this world more valuable than the contentment of a life well lived. Shelly draws from a diverse background of personal, professional and educational experiences that make her teachings meaningful and relevant to our daily lives.  She has amassed over 15,000 hours of teaching in yoga, anatomy, philosophy, kinesiology, meditation and the healing arts. She owns and directs her own thriving studio, Hot House Yoga in Ormond Beach. She has an extensive background in teaching meditation and healing classes.

Shelly teaches from her heart and her greatest aspiration is to bring hearts together. Her yoga practice and teachings are fueled by a strong desire to effect a positive change in her students and the world. Her innovative and open minded attitude leads the way to this change. Her classes are constructed in creative ways that move us through the joy of self discovery. Shelly’s thoughtful and masterful activities safely carry us along the journey of healing.  If you are ready to grow and share that burning desire for change, now is the time to transform your life into one of contentment and self awareness. Spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic growth await you in a beginners hot flow 200 RYT or advanced urban flow 300 RYT training with Shelly Kwiatkouski ERYT 500, YACEP.


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To book an appointment please contact Shelly at 386.846-5075 or email her at Uma@ShellyKwiatkouski.com For additional information regarding Teachers Trainings with Shelly Kwiatkouski call Nancy Meisenberg at 386-453-9375 or email meisenbergn@gmail.com 


I said HHY and Shelly is always on the cutting edge of redefining and enhancing yoga. I was asked bottom line up front. What does Shelly and HHY offer. Try to answer that in a sentence. My response was total integration. Every pose integrates all core, breath and mindfulness, as well as all muscle groups. Sprinkle in lust for life and growth and some creativity and there you have it. Believe it or not my talk was supposed to be about women Veterans. Who knew. Nobody ever really leaves home at least not in their hearts. Thank you 🙏