Shelly Kwiatkouski

Find Yourself Through Form

Shelly Kwiatkouski’s Teacher Training Program has been written and developed over tens of thousands of teaching hours and carefully designed to offer trainees a fully integrated education. Incorporating teachings of many lineages, this program offers trainees a well-rounded education in yogic studies.

The focus of this program is on creating a real experience in the balance between the physical and the spiritual. The curriculum presents opportunities to develop intuition through feel, incorporating body mechanics during the asana practice with the yogic teachings of transformation.

Combining expansive and comprehensive experiences on many levels including physical, intellectual and spiritual creates the foundation for well rounded, deeply devoted teachers.


yoga teacher trainings

Photo Credit: Amelia Kegel

Shelly Teacher’s Training Program is constructed in a way to bring out the best in each individual. No two people are the same and this program taps into that uniqueness we all have and brings it to the surface to be shared with others.

Yoga Retreats

Photo Credit: Shelly Kwiatkouski

Shelly’s pioneer attitude ensures an adventure that is memorable and different.  With her love for meeting new people, trying new foods and seeing new parts of the world, each trip offers its own uniqueness.


Photo Credit: Amelia Kegel

Shelly is now accepting private students for this eight week one-on-one mentorship program for those of you who wish to deepen your relationship to yoga, meditation, and the spiritual practice.